Meet Our Trainers: Jackie

Jackie has a background in gymnastics and has been teaching Argentine tango and swing dancing for 11 years. Focusing on the strengths of her students, Jackie helps them master basic principles of movement and then applies these principles to dancing. She encourages her students to learn by doing and keeps lecturing to a minimum. Her classes are fun!

Jackie has designed a tango exercise class called Tango Libre. She uses a series of solo exercises to improve flexibility, balance, posture, strength, musicality, and quality of movement. As students gain better control over their own bodies with these exercises, they connect more freely and reliably to their tango partners and to the music. Jackie is currently developing a swing exercise class.

Over the past decade, Jackie has also developed a successful dance program for senior citizens called Name That Timeless Tune. This program combines dancing with music trivia so seniors can simultaneously exercise their minds and bodies while having lots of fun.

Jackie has performed at corporate events, dance festivals, fundraisers, and schools. Her clients have included The Heritage Dance Festival, University of Pennsylvania Ballroom Society, Temple University, Philadelphia University, Traci Hall Young Professional Dance Company, PECO Energy, and The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education.

Jackie has a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in clinical social work, both of which reflect her strong ability to communicate and her concern for the wellbeing of others.